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(1)CCEC CHINA only receives professional visitors. Individuals under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter the show.
(2) The organizer has the right to verify the identity of every visitor and refuse the entry of the visitor who is considered not eligible.
(3) Opening Hours:

August 12 (Wednesday) 09: 00-17: 30
August 13 (Thursday) 09: 00-17: 30

August 14 (Friday) 09: 00-14: 00
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center
(No. 850, Bocheng Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China)
1. Pre-Registration Online: Please fill out the form above (The fields indicated with an asterisk (*) are required)
2. Group Visit: If the number of visitors is more than 10 people, please contact Ms. Allison (

1. Pre-Registration will be closed on August 1, 2020. Please take your business card to the exhibition site for registration if overdue.
2. Pre-registrated visitor could receive one copy of the Exhibition catalogue or a gift (limited in quantity)
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Guangzhou Branch
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