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Exhibition Range 

Four Special Exhibition areas, 

Covering the Whole Chain of Cemented Carbides

1.  Cemented Carbides Raw Materials & Auxiliaries

Tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder, cobalt powder, nickel powder, chromium powder, molybdenum powder, iron powder, carbide, compound carbide, nitride, etc.Carbon black, paraffin, PEG and other auxiliaries

2. Cemented Carbides Equipment

Reduction furnace, carbonization furnace, ball mill, spray tower, dryer, sieving machine, granulating machine, manual machine, automatic machine, cold isostatic pressing machine, extrusion machine, vacuum sintering furnace, sintering furnace pressure, hot press, hot isostatic pressing machine, grinding machine, wire cutting, EDM, all kinds of mold processing equipment and various types of the gas supply device, the graphite boat etc.;

3. Cemented Carbides Testing Equipment: 

Carbon sulfur analyzer, oxygen nitrogen analyzer and spectrometer powder chemical analysis instrument; Fisher particle size analyzer, nitrogen adsorption instrument, laser particle sizer, loose density, tap density and powder flow testing device of powder physical properties analysis instrument; density meter, hardness tester, tensile testing machine, metallographic microscope, coercive power meter, magnetic saturation measuring instrument and other analytical instruments alloy properties; scanning electron microscope and transmission electron microscope, the microstructure spectrometer alloy analysis instrument;

4. Cemented Carbides Products: 

CNC blade, welding blade, cutter blade, and the other cutting blade. Button bits, mining bits, drill bits, etc. The wear-resistant parts such as anvil, collars, mould,  bar, and plate,etc. Woodworking cutting tools, circular saw blade, sealing ring and other deep processing and special-shaped products

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